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pink jello <333

.name. Heather
.age. 16
.birthday. Feb. 9th, 1988
.sex. Female
.location. Alpine, CA
.status. Relationship :)
.5 words describing you. Fun, Dork, Quiet, Shy, Loving
.things you like. Music, Having A Good Time, The Beach, Driving
.things you hate. (dislike) uhm, Drugs, Alcohol, Racism, Some more but I can't think of anything else right now... :)
.make us laugh, tell us an embarrassing story. aw...but I'm not funny. :( Here look at this picture...http://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/v1.3/ccpenguin.jpg
.how did you find this community?.Olivia!

.color. Black, Teal, Bright Pink <3
.show. The OC
.actress. Resse Witherspoon, Mischa Barton
.actor. Jake Gyllenhaal
.movies. Without A Paddle, American History X, Pretty In Pink, Say Anything, Donnie Darko,
.bands. The Faint, Thursday, Thrice, Beloved, Forever In Motion, The Spill Canvas, Deathcab, Co&Ca, Incubus, Pistolita, New Found Glory, Taking Back Sunday, Underoath
.songs. Frou Frou-"Let Go"
.outfit. Whatevers Comfy, Don't Really Have A Fave.
.stores/places to shop. Forever 21, Charlotte Russe...haha, typical i know ;)
.personality trait of yourself. I Don't Really Have One... :/

.write a short poem about anything you want(if you want). I'm so horrible at poems, you don't even know...haha. :(
I Want...
Good Grades
An Ace Of Spades (:/)
To Get My Homework Done
& To Not Be Stun (ned)
When I Don't Get Those Grades
Because I'm Really Gay...
And I Suck At Poems
So Have A Nice Day!!!!

hahaha i'm done now, forever with poems! ;)

.what are your bad habits?. Uhm, Waiting Till Last Minute For Homework, Sometimes I Bite My Nails, Complaining A Lot...I Know Theres More I Just Can't Think Right Now. :(
.give a detailed description of what you look for in a bf or gf. Not to be shallow, but somebody I'm attracted to, somebody with a great sense of humor, somebody that's caring/loving, somebody that doesn't mind that I'm quiet, somebody that is smart, & a whole lot more, basically...Freddy! haha. :)
.if you could spend the day with one famous person (dead or alive), who would it be?. Elvis or Resse Witherspoon
.tell us your feelings about slurpees. OMG. I haven't had a slurpee in so freaking long. I love slurpees. Wonderful, delicious slurpees!
.what would you do if one of us was in your bed dressed as a giant brownie with a doo-rag on? Laugh My Freaking Ass Off, Think You Are Crazy, & Try To Find An Outfit With Similar Funnyness(yea i think i made it up, its ok though) & Join You. :)
.guess the mods favorite numbers. this will get you brownie points;) Olivia's is 31. & Sarah's is 16. hahaha. i have no idea. :/
.if you had to be stuck on an island with one person, who would it be and why. Freddy, Of Course. Because I Can't Live Without Him. ;)
.if you were held at gun point and were told that you had to kiss one of your friends who would it be and why. :-/ haha. uhm, Freddy Is My Friend So I'd Deffinatly Kiss Him, I'd Kiss Him Even If I Wasn't Being Held At Gunpoint. haha. ;)

♥promote us in a community thats active WE CHECK♥
.link to where you promoted. Uhm, The Only Real Community I'm In Is Pistolita & I Don't Think We Are Allowed To Post Those In There, So I Will Promote In My Journal. ___deceit

.have at least 3 pictures of yourself (you can have as many as you want). and have one picture 200x200 in case your accepted.
old hair:

new hair:


ok...i'm all done. :) <3333

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